Jul 31, 2008

Collaboration and mutualisation, keys to intelligent robotics

The world is getting ready to take up one of the major human challenges, the harmonious development of intelligent robotics for applications as varied as health, aged and disabled assistance, space exploration and entertainment. Some of these challenges are familiar such as skin and touch or walking movement. Others will need to be invented such as ergonomics or robot language (to each other or with humans). These wide areas of exploration require numerous competencies and a universal culture that would be able to transcend the boundaries of human society and its organisations. Tomorrow, a French robot should be able understand its Japanese counterpart that it has never met.
As Professor Minoru Asada stresses, emphasises, whatever the size, one business cannot master all the development dimensions and the market launch of intelligent robotics on its own.
This blog, an initiative of IBPC Osaka, is a first step towards the meeting of its laboratories and facilities with European researchers.

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